Sto Len is a printmaker, painter, installation and performance artist with interests in improvisation and experimentation within a variety of media. His current body of work transforms the traditional printmaking art of Suminagashi (floating ink) into an experimental collaboration with nature and a site of discourse on environmentalism and art activism. Recent collaborations with pollution in the waterways of New York, Colombia, and Vietnam, has enabled his studio to become as large as a river and his practice nomadic and global.

Working en plein air from a rowboat or off the shore like a fisherman, Sto uses an unusual process to print directly off of the surface of polluted waters. The end results are ghostly imprints, at once delicate, beautiful and also disturbing, offering us a glimpse of the environmental abuse that humans continually cause worldwide. In between travels to waterways, Sto continues this practice in his studio using controlled bodies of water with combinations of oil paint, dirt, spray paint,and extended periods of time, to create colorful, patterned compositions on paper, wood, and canvas.

Sto has exhibited his artwork internationally, including exhibitions in NY, Vietnam, Japan, London, Australia, Denmark, Canada and Mexico City. Sto co-founded the alternative arts space Cinders Gallery in Brooklyn,NY which has exhibited hundreds of artists since its inception in 2004 and continues to curate exhibitions as a project-based Non-Profit Arts organization.

As a performance/sound artist, Sto has performed at diverse venues such as MOMA PS1, New Museum, St. Marks Church, Ramiken Crucible, Silent Barn, and Roulette in New York, as well as Atelier Kunst Spiel Raum and the English Theater in Berlin, Theater de Chameleon in Amsterdam, La Société de Curiosités in Paris and most recently Manzi Gallery and Heritage Space in Vietnam.

Sto Len is based in Brooklyn, NY with familial roots in Vietnam and his work incorporates these bonds by connecting issues of both their history, environment, traditions and politics.

Sto Len is currently the first artist in residence at AlexRenew Wastewater Treatment facility in Alexandria, VA. He is also an artist in residence as part of the Field R/D program at Fresh Kills Park, a transformed landfill in Staten island, NY and is a member of Works on Water, a group of artists and activists working with and about water in the face of climate change and environmental justice concerns. 

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