Sto Len’s process-based sound performances continually investigate the sound of everyday objects and places, literally amplifying the voice of the unconsidered materials in our daily lives. Equipped with amplified gloves, he teases sounds out of every conceivable object and surface he touches – a chair, the floor, his body, water hitting the bottom of a metal bowl, and a tree branch picked up on the walk to the venue for example. Using ritual and the materiality of the quotidian, Len evokes fantastical possibilities for the future within the boundaries of the mundane. 

Sto has performed at diverse venues such as MOMA PS1, New Museum, Apex Art, St. Marks Church, Clocktower Gallery, Elizabeth Fine Arts, Ramiken Crucible, Silent Barn, Death By Audio, Secret Project Robot, and Roulette in New York, as well as Atelier Kunst Spiel Raum and the English Theater in Berlin, Theater de Chameleon in Amsterdam, La Société de Curiosités in Paris, Manzi Gallery, Heritage Space and Hanoi Rock City in Hanoi, Vietnam and most recently Dao Xuan Festival in Hoa Binh, Vietnam. He has collaborated on a number of projects including DUBKNOWDUB, Saturn Dogs, and Juju Mechanix.



Closing Performance

Manzi Gallery, Hanoi

Shea Stadium, NY

Shea Stadium, NY

Hanoi Rock City, Vietnam

Hanoi Rock City, Vietnam

Forming, a performance, FLA Gallery, Florida, 2014

Forming, a performance, FLA Gallery, Florida, 2014

Stolen Temple Pileup, 2012

Stolen Temple Pileup, 2012

S.t.p. at Public Assembly, 2012

S.t.p. at Public Assembly, 2012

DUBKNOWDUB, Clocktower Gallery, 2011, NYC


DUBKNOWDUB, Monster Island, Brooklyn, NY 2009

DUBKNOWDUB, St. Marks Chruch, NY 2009

DUBKNOWDUB, Needles and Pens, San Francisco, CA, 2011


Stolen Temple Pileup, Boston, 2012

DUBKNOWDUB, Los Angeles, 2011

Stolen Temple Pileup, Wayfarers, Brooklyn, NY 2011

Dubknowdub, Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, NY

DUBKNOWDUB was a damaged dub/noise duo with visual artist Eli Lehrhoff that incorporated an iconic shopping cart (as my instrument), costumes, and the exploration of spectacle amidst ideas of Jamaican Dub music filtered through harsh noise, failing electronics, drone, and the remix.

Saturn Dogs, English Theater, Berlin,

IN 2012/13, I worked with contemporary dancer and musician Manon Parent on a performance project called Saturn Dogs that focused on integrating body movement and sound making within a world we created. Our characters were faceless and genderless, exploring the world through physical touch. Our bodies were amplified and so everything we touched could be heard. Homemade instruments and effects were also used to create a live soundtrack for our movement. After a US and European tour, these performances culminated in a 5 hour durational performance entitled, Incidental Pathway, at L’Atelier/Kunstspielraum in May 2013.

Juju Mechanix, NY

In the Fall of 2013, I worked with Butoh dancer Beatrice Schleyer on JUJU MECHANIX, a future-primitive sound and butoh performance that went to New York, Providence, France, Berlin, Amsterdam, and London.

Here is a photo gallery of some various performances, instruments, sound costumes, + flyers for shows.

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