Revealing : Gleaming

Written by stoisher

Detail of WHAT A BUNCHA TOOLZ, 2012.

I just came back from a great trip to LA that included my participation in a 4 person show at SYNCHRONICITY SPACE in East Hollywood, my west coast debut performance of my solo sound project STOLEN TEMPLE PILEUP, a collaborative mural, and a mind-freeing jaunt to Joshua Tree.

I installed my piece, WHAT A BUNCHA TOOLZ, a papier mache pegboard wall of sculptures of tools that I have relationships with in my life. Dustpan, level, screwdrivers, t-square, hammers, ninja stars, guns – it was a hodge podge of objects from everyday to boyhood fantasy. To mimic other works in the show, I hung the tools in a diamond-esque arrangement, as there were many diamonds in other artists’ works. Check out pics below.