Written by stoisher

Mulherin + Pollard Present


A solo exhibition of sculptures by STO

December 1 -31 2011

Opening Reception Thursday December 8th 6-9pm

In My Slow Called Life, Sto presents a tranquil, one room NY studio apartment scene as the backdrop for a variety of papier mache sculptures. Devoid of any people, we are left to ponder the objects on their own as we walk through the space. Leftover pizza on the table, old food in the fridge, a stack of books, some dirty socks, and a slop sink with paintbrushes as well as toothbrushes are just a few of the mundane objects recreated in chunky, lovable papier mache.

There is a natural sense of whimsy in the limitations of the mache as a medium and it boldly reveals itself with rough textures and gobs of paint applied liberally. There is also a sense of comedy beneath the surface, as if the objects were laughing at their own meaninglessness and at us for needing them. These deadpan takes on quotidian objects question our common understanding of what is real and reveal the many ways that we are entangled with our possessions.

By shining a spotlight on the everyday, these works evoke our own daily lives and slow us down long enough to take stock in what they really consist of.

Mulherin Pollard
187 Chrystie St. btwn Rivington n Stanton
NY, NY 10002