our town in monster island

Written by stoisher

Monster Island is Our Town. Literally, its our clubhouse/meeting place/performance space/gallery in our neighborhood of Williamsburg. The last true bastion of a working artist warehouse where the entire building is run by artists, where all the like-minded freaks can get together that’s not a bar or a “club.” Without anything sponsored by corporations. Its just us. This month its also an installation that a bunch of the people who really hang out there worked on at the end of the summer. The theme: create a fantasy utopia inside one of the gallery spaces (secret project robot). there were grassy knolls, fountains, a comic shoppe, a shady alley, a mysterious church, a cadillac in the sky. I had the pleasure of working on the town head shop complete with t shirts, knives, posters, bongs, flyers, and conspiracy theory/black power/UFO literature on the shelves, all in day-glo black light explosion. All of our own bands got to play and it was really fun for DUBKNOWDUB to play in Raul De Nieve’s installation. Here’s some pics from the opening/block party. Good times, good friends, love it while we got it!

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