Written by stoisher

New York-based interdisciplinary artist sTo Len returns to his hometown of Alexandria,VA to present an on-going exhibition of work created as the first artist in residence at AlexRenew Wastewater Treatment Facility. During his 18 month residency, sTo has created a series of works that uses Alexandria’s water and its renewal as his subject and sometimes even his medium. As a printmaker, Len collects the imprints of the world around us, from the natural patterns in water to the abstract shapes of trash that he picked up along the Potomac River. Employing traditional analog print techniques such as suminagashi, gyotaku, and cyanotype, Sto Len updates these methods by using local water, pollution, bacteria and waste as print materials. This repurposed visual language documents our relationship to water and begins to unpack the environmental impact of humans on the natural world by revealing what often goes unseen or ignored.  

RENEWAL provides a behind the scenes look at aspects of the water recovery process from the perspective of an artist that inspires engagement around the city’s water issues. Len also uses several environmentally impacted sites such as Hoof’s Run, Jones Point, and Oronoco Bay as sites for art which also raises  awareness of the RiverRenew project to remediate the sewage outfall at these locations. The exhibition will continually evolve throughout the duration with printmaking workshops, an online water-themed radio show, and opportunities for audience participation and virtual engagement. Come back to see what’s new and stay in touch for all future events.