Where Does all the Garbage Go? an interview

Written by stoisher

The Ace Hotel recently interviewed me about my work and my process – it’s a pretty good conversation I think!

There is magic in the murk.

Brooklyn-based artist Sto Len isn’t so much a magician as he is alchemist and soulful choreographer, revealing graceful, swirling gestures from the surface of New York’s most polluted waters, en plein air, from the edge a rowboat. That something so immediate and arresting could be rendered from a shameful and alarming human imposition on nature is how Sto Len draws attention to environmental crises through his creations. It’s radical, political art-marking through traditional craft. His is a curious mind seeking to expose what’s right in front of us. For Mapping Mespeatches, his recent exhibition at The Gallery at Ace Hotel New York, Sto Len exhibited prints pulled from the surface of Newtown Creek and Corona Park through an original process he calls tsunaminagashi — a mix of traditional suminagashi and his own techniques — mirroring toxic impact as a moving spectacle of psychedelic beauty. Following the show, we spoke to Len about transitioning his practice from the studio to urban wilderness and the question, “where does all the garbage go?”

Read the full Interview here: http://blog.acehotel.com/post/163914737423/interview-sto-len