New Radicles – Group Exhibition – NY

Written by stoisher

I’m showing new works from my “Natural Waste” series in this exhibition in Brooklyn.

sto-len3 Newtown Creek (Western Beef), 2016

sto-len4 Flushing Meadows (Queens), 2016

New Radicles
May 27 – June 17 2016
Opening Reception Friday May 27th, 6-9pm

Brilliant Champions Gallery is pleased to present New Radicles, a curated exhibition by Cinders Gallery featuring paintings by Kelie Bowman, installations by Serra Victoria
Bothwell Fels, sculpture by Cody Hoyt and mono prints by Sto Len.

A radicle is the first part to emerge from a seed during the process of germination and becomes the primary root of the plant. Darwin believed it acts as the brain of a plant and directs the function of all its other cells. “Anchored in the soil upside-down by their heads, they expose their sexual organs to the air and to prospective pollinators.”

New Radicles is an exhibition of 4 NY-based artists who work from a primary place that is deeply rooted in their practice but is also continuously growing, reaching towards different strains of sunlight and expanding their own depths of pollination.

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