The End Papers – solo exhibition – NYC

Written by stoisher

The End Papers
Monoprints by Sto Len
January 8 – February 7
Opening Reception: Friday, January 8th 7 – 10 pm

Sto’s current mono-prints look like punk rock paper marbling. They’re dense with color – like the book-binders’ papers with which we’re familiar, and they possess a similar complexity of pattern. But Sto’s prints renounce the fussiness and precision historically associated with the decorative process of paper marbling, and celebrate instead its potential for spontaneous action and gestural mark making. Sto pours, squeezes and sprays various paints and oils into buckets or giant kiddie pools filled with water. He uses an elongated brush to disturb and distress the film forming on top of the liquid and then he waits, coming back hours later to see what patterns have literally floated to the surface of his experiments. He then drags or dips a sheet of paper across or into the vessel and captures the pigmented film (as well as any dust, dirt or errant bugs) floating there. The results are evocative residues of private collaborations with natural forces – gravity, buoyancy, tension and chance.

Regarding the monoprints in this exhibition, the artist notes that “although not performed in front of people, the performative aspect of the process is a big part of these works. Each piece is a document of that moment in time, the process of putting the paper in my prepared paint bath and pulling it out to dry feels similar to developing a photo in a chemical bath.”

Wayfarers is proud to present Sto’s exhibition of monoprints: “The End Papers” as our first show of 2016.

1109 Dekalb Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11221