Newtown Creek Pollution Printing Session

Written by stoisher

I got to go out on the water with the artist Marie Lorenz on her wonderful Tide and Current Taxi project. I had known about her work for years so it was a pleasure to finally be able to be a part of it. Her series of boat trips this summer is about “people going to work” and so we thought it would be cool for me to make some of my work on her boat.
We went to my favorite toxic waterway, the Newtown Creek, and I pulled off some of my recent, Pollution Prints, from the dirty surface of the Creek. Infamously known as one of the most toxic bodies of water in the country and recently deemed a Superfund site, the water here has been of interest to me for quite some time. Recently I have begun printing with it and I am working on a larger project using the waterways of NY as a medium. Check out Marie’s post about our trip HERE