Public Friction

Written by stoisher

I will be in this great group show at the newly established Museum of Public Fiction, along with a host of other good peeps: Alee Peoples, Anders Johnson, Ashley Zangle, assume astro vivid focus, BEVERLY FRE$H, Bobbi Woods, Breanne Trammell, Brendan Threadgill, Brie Ruais, Clement Valla, Davida Nemeroff, Erin Perry, Grant Worth, Greg Kalliche, Julia Dault, Joshua Callaghan, Kat Hodges, Mark Rice, Maureen Keaveny, Michael Bizon, Michael Magnan, Paul Pescador, Riah Buchanan, Sto, Talon True Gustafson, Walker Mettling. As well as an ongoing collection of artist records that will build during the length of the show (and announced as they arrive.)

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