DUBKNOWDUB is an interplanetary improv noise dub duo who sample the howling sounds of the city and filter them through decaying electronics, scraping away the fuzzy din to find beats deep within the trash bin. The vehicle is a metal shopping cart as they endlessly roam the Earth looking for sounds to dub.

DKD have performed on sidewalks, in comic shops, parks, at Cinders Gallery, Ramiken Crucible, Needles and Pens, Adobe Books, MOMA PS1, St. Mark’s Church and Ontoligical Theater, birthday parties and a number of bar mitzvahs.

On Bandcamp
Live at Shea Stadium July 4th 2010
Double Rainbow Dub Live at Silent Barn 2010

Past Performances

Morch 19, 2012
w/ PC Worship, Guardian Alien, Ganjatronics
Le Poisson Rouge, NY

March 10th, 2012
w/ White Rainbow, Napoleon, YVLTRS
Big Snow Buffalo Lodge, Brooklyn

February 21, 2012
w/ Colin L Orchestra, Hurricanes of Love, GDFX, Guardian Alien
Big Snow Buffalo Lodge

Jan 4th 2012
with The Dreebs, Dan Friel, Parakeets, Black Crown Ceremony
Big Snow Lodge, Brooklyn, NY

December 3, 2011
With BOVEDA at Wayfarers, Brooklyn,NY

October 26th, 2011
with screening of SALO by Pier Pasolini
Rabbithole, Brooklyn, NY

September 20, 2011
Last Monster Island Block Party
with Kholes, Cult of Youth, Man Forever, Vaz, Call of the Wild, Hair Jail, Light Asylum

August 22, 2011
with Fuckton, PC Worship, GDFX
Death By Audio, Brooklyn, NY

August 21st 2011
tour with GDFX, Fuckton, + Mutwawa
Ghostprint Gallery, Richmond,VA

August 20th, 2011
tour with GDFX + Fuckton
Current Gallery, Baltimore,MD

August 19th 2011
tour with GDFX + Fuckton
Danger Danger Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

August 18th, 2011
tour with GDFX + Fuckton
AS220, Providence,RI

August 17th, 2011
tour with GDFX + Fuckton
Twin Towers House, Boston,MA

July 25th 2011
with ASSS, Alaskas
The Cove, Brooklyn, NY

July 12th 2011
with Black Pus, DJ Dog Dick
285 Kent, Brooklyn, NY

July 4th 2011
Summerjam 3
Shea Stadium, Brooklyn, NY

June 25th 2011
with Makaroni, Dariius, Andrew Deustch
@ Cinders Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

June 15th 2011
Live Soundtrack to Logan’s Run Remix by Brody Condon and THX-1138 Remix by Akiva Saunders
Spectacle Theater, Brooklyn, NY

June 10th 2011
with S.S.P.S., Mv Carbon, Sightings, Garbage River, Duvine Order of the Blood Witch
Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn, NY

May 19th 2011
With Alaskas, Ela Orleans, Amir Coyle, Dreamboat Crusaderz
@ Death By Audio, Brooklyn, NY

May 17th 2011
East Village Radio Performance

May 13th 2011
with Dikes of Holland, CaveX, Teen Witch
@ Death By Audio

April 20th 2011
with Knyfe Hyts, Fuckton, Xray Eyeballs, K-Holes
@ Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn, NY

April 29th 2011
with Nonhorse : Narwhalz of Sound : Island’s Eyelids
@Monster Island Basement, Brooklyn, NY

March 21st 2011
Live soundtrack to all 3 Mad Max films Remixed by Akiva Saunders
@ Spectacle Theater, Brooklyn, NY

March 10th 2011
1 Hour long performance in our exhibition as part of the Time Synch Residency
Clocktower Gallery, NY,NY

Feb 2011
Time Synch Residency
Clocktower Gallery, NY

Feb 7th 2011
Babycastles presents DADAMACHINIMA
Curated by Walter Langelaar of WORM (Rotterdam)
LoVid, Radio Shock, Casperelectronics, DUBKNOWDUB, Dan Friel
@devotion gallery

Jan 31 2011
DUBKNOWDUB, Telepharb, Heavy Petting @ ADOBE Books SF

Jan 29 2011
@Sight School, oakland,CA

Jan 28th 2011
DUBKNOWDUB@ Needles n Pens, SF

Jan 26 2011
@Mama Buzz

Jan 22nd 2011
Outdoor moving performance
@ Elysian Park, LA

Jan 21 2011
Matthewdavid, Asura, M. Geddes Gengras, DubKnowDub
@Public Fiction, LA

Jan 20th 2011
Collective Show Opening, Human Resources, LA

Jan 18th 2011
@silent barn, NY

Jan 17th 2011
TRON REMIX @ Spectacle Theater, NY

Jan 15th 2011
Throat Razor Show
AIDS Wolf, Rat Bastard, Humanbeast, Holy Sheet, Shawn Greenlee, Black Diamond Hearted Boy, dubknowdub

Jan 7th 2011

Dec 18th
DBCR, Hallux, DubknowDub and BunnyRat @Bruar Falls

Dec 15th 2010
Bunny Moon/Dubknowdub/Shadow Lover/Follower/Le Sphinxx/Magick Report
@Silent Barn

Dec 11th 2010
–DUBKNOWDUB Tape release with –SHAMS(deep soul)–HARIBO (members of trycrytry)–SYN.TOFFS (grandfather rock) @MOVES

Dec 10th 2010
Closing party for Epic Doom by nick Lesley @ brewer’s mansion

Dec 8th 2010
DKD as DUMBNUTS @death by audio

Nov 28th 2010
w/ food stamps, magik report, boats, @ pianos

Nov 18th 2010
Sound of Art Party @ santos party house

Nov 12th 2010
Sham’s bday show, @42nd st.showpaper gallery

Nov 4th 2010
Weezy’s Free w/ chaos majick, fuckton @DBA

Oct 31 2010
Halloween show @ 42nd st. showpaper gallery

Oct 29th 2010
BRAHLOWEEN, @monster island

Oct 24th 2010

Oct 14th 2010
James Moore’s opening @Desert Island

Oct 7th 2010
w. FUCKTON @Elizabeth Foundation of the Arts

Split Cassette with Knyfe Hyts, 2011
Split Cassette with NECKING, Green Age Recs, 2011
Split Cassette with FUCKTON, Green Age Recs, 2011
Split Cassette with DAN FRIEL, Green Age Recs, 2011
Split Cassette with XRAY EYEBALLS, Green Age Recs, 2011
Meat and Dubs CDR, Green Age Records, 2010
Camp Crystal Lake Dubs CDR, Green Age Records, 2010
Free Weezy/Laugh In, Cassette, Ormolycka Project, 2010
Monster Island Block Party V (compilation), CDR, Monster Island Records, 2009
Ride the Duppy CDR – Green Age Records, 2009
People Skills (compilation), cassette, CCR/TCAT, 2009
Free Download of People Skills
Ultra, Ultra Deep Fields (compilation),CDR, MU, 2009

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