The Booklyn Art Gallery is pleased to present Asshats for Shitheads, a solo-exhibition from Sto Len. Asshats for Shitheads debuts a new body of the artist’s work reinterpreting suminagashi printmaking through a series of paintings, prints, and artist’s books.

Suminagashi or “floating ink” is a paper marbling process originated in Japan in the 12th century. This process produces monoprints by painting patterns onto the surface of water with ink, laying down a piece of paper, and removing after a few seconds. These patterned papers were initially used by book-binders as decorative endpaper to mask the bumps and cords of leather bound books. They were also used on book covers to hide dirt and wear more successfully than plain paper.

Using less traditional materials including a plastic swimming pool, Sto allows dirt, paint, residue (and the occasional insect) to build up on his painting surface for days and weeks while preparing a print. Lead in a meditative trance, the ink and artist succumb to the properties of the water and gravity, letting nature alter the artist’s initial strokes. The resulting artworks are textured and dimensional, infused with dirt and often pieces of the floor. Sto’s chance intervention of dirt and residue teases the decorative origin of this process, channeling Arte Povera and Dada tendencies

This exhibition is made possible in part by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature and additionally in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the City Council.

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Off the Deep End

Here’s an article in the Brooklyn Paper about my upcoming solo show at Booklyn as well as some pics taken of me in my studio.

Stefano Giovannini took the photos!

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Makin Books with Booklyn

Making some awesome large hardcover books for my upcoming exhibition at BOOKLYN!

And some small ones too

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Stodio Zone

Getting busy in the studio

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Group Show at Katherine Mulherin NYC

I have one sculpture in this summer group show at Katherine Mulherin in NY. The show is called ” How to Write an Artist Statement” and so I made this sculpture of a VHS copy of the film Basquiat by Julien Schnabel.

Basquiat VHS (back), 7.5 x 3.5 x 1.5 in., papier mache and acrylic paint, 2014

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Cinders Gallery Presents


July 2014

maya hayuk, tod seelie, brian chippendale, nick kuszyk, diane barcelowsky, swoon, allyson mellberg, rich jacobs, jocko weyland, mike taylor, jungil hong, nadia moss, kyle ranson, hisham bharoocha, blok, suzanne sattler, sonja ahlers, anna hellsgard, james gallagher, jeremy taylor, jordin isip, kelie bowman, paul wackers, brian willmont, cody hoyt, andrew jeffrey wright, eli lehrhoff, sto len, sherri hay, dave potes, jim tozzi, morgan blair, xander marro, john orth, kyle field, mel kadel, mitchell wright, clark goolsby, elista punto, ric ocasek, travis egedy, serra victoria bothwell fels, jessie rose vala, aidan koch, recreation center, ben sisto, timberline, brian blomerth, josh slater, le dernier cri, matt furie, matthew feyld, rachel sumpter, monica canilao, thomas campbell, isaac nichols, erik foss, jeremy earl, kevin hooyman, charles shedden, rachel sumpter, esther pearl watson, dominic neitz, hideyuki katsumata, ron regé jr, jesse pollock, elisita punto, mark todd, hilary pecis, laurent impeduglia, aj fosik, george ferrandi, cheryl dunn, isaac lin, maggie lee, toby goodshank, alex lukas, brendan monroe, jason mclean, alain biltereyst, marshall weber, ted mcgrath, michelle blade

dossier outpost // south street seaport NYC

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A New Book is Formed

I made a new book recently. Its a 10 color risograph book with unique suminagashi printed covers. Signed and numbered in a limited edition of 66 and lovingly handsewn with dental floss. You can get one at Cinders or at Printed Matter in NYC.

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STP with Tom Hohmann at Oleno Winter Gathering

Here is video of a performance I did with Tom Hohmann (of USAISAMONSTER) on drums. It was a super fun secret show in the woods of Florida with Holopaw, Ann Pragg, Beth Jaye and Soda. The place was a beautiful old lodge about 40 mins from Gainesville. We all stayed in cabins, made chili and cornbread for everyone who came and had a big bonfire! Below is a couple pics i snapped walking around the morning after. Such a cool spot. Video by Andrew Chadwick!

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Stolen Temple Pileup Performance

Here’s the performance during the opening for Forming at FLA Gallery.

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FORMING Exhibition is up! check out pics below

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Mural on Main

Was fun to paint a mural on Main st. right outside of FLA Gallery in Gainesville, FL.
They featured me in the newspaper which was pretty cute.

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Opening Reception Saturday January 11th, 7-10pm
With performance by Stolen Temple Pileup
January 11-February 22, 2014
10 Main st., Gainesville, FL 32601

Forming is a solo exhibition of new works by Sto Len that focuses on water as a central theme within a series of personal sigils, rituals, visions, and chance operations.

These paintings feel like winter days when you look up and wish for the sun but instead see faces in the clouds that begin talking to you. You spill your fresh cup of coffee on your clean white shirt while talking to them (they are bemused) and all of a sudden it looks a whole lot better. The symbols on the wall are hieroglyphics, maps to resuscitate the past and hint the future. Hanging like flags and scrolls, they declare no one country or language but rather a feeling.
Parts of the page splash and crash like cars in black rainstorms, leaving puddles of sumi ink to soak the paper while snake-like lines tie knots and squeeze the blank space dry of all its worth. Layers of lines interweave together like gnarled barbed wire fences or tall radio towers that invite you to climb to the top to check out the view.

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JUJU MECHANIX performed as part of this exhibition’s performance series, Panic Sermons. It was a great evening, here are some pics from the night.

And here’s an awesome drawing of our show by Jason Atomic

More Info about the exhibition here

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I am in this awesome group drawing show called DRAWABLE opening this weekend. Check it out!

Featuring but not limited to:
Paul Wackers, Kevin Hooyman, Brian Willmont, Matt Leines, Rich Jacobs, Spencer Jacobs, Jeff Ladouceur, Gregory Benton, Derek Weisberg, John Freeborn, Amy S. Kauffman, Stepanie Hutin, Erin Bowers, Gia Gelpi, Patrick Rocha, Senta Ache’e, Evan Galbicka, Sonny Kay, Rob Leecock, Harrison Haynes, Tyson Traynor, Chris Yormick, Leela Corman, Hazel Lee Santino, Lisa Iglesias, Mavado Charon, Marcus Oakley, Michael Velliquette, Mel Kadel, Travis Millard, Grace Rosario Perkins, Cordey Lopez, Satchel Raye, Ashley Macomber, Suzanne Sattler, Alexis Mackenzie, Linn’ea Gad, Leigh Cunningham, Marc Bell, Amy Lockhart, Alberto Kroeger, Monica Ramos, Rachel Levitt, Chelsey Pettyjohn, Andrew Martin Scott, Logan Fitzpatrick, Hannah Lee, Franca Barone, Paula Searing, Kyle Ranson, George Ferrandi, Mike Taylor, Sto, Taylor McKimens, Simone Isip, Chloe Isip, Jordin Isip, Peter Thompson, Dessarae Bassil, Casey Gallager, Ryan Gallager, James Gallager, Orlando Estrada, Nitin Jayswal, Mike Pare, Damien Tron, Lucas Dimick, Chase Westerfall, Souther Salazar, Ryan Bubis, Ian Johnson, Ryan Quinney, Jaime Molina, Billy Sprague, Max Kauffman, Sean Greene, Ben Lusk, Ryan Jacob Smith, Jessie Rose Vala, Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels, John Orth, Kelie Bowman, Nick Kuszyk, Morgan Blair, Allyson Mellberg, Jeremy Taylor

Opening reception Saturday, October 19, 7-10pm
October 19-December 8, 2013
FLA GALLERY 10 Main Street, Gainesville, Florida 32601

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Alive With Pleasure

JUJU MECHANIX LIVE!!! at Emet in Bushwick

Photo by Justin Wierbonski

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photo by B. Chimpendale
lil vid by arley

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Once again, I will be at the NY ART BOOK FAIR at PS1 this weekend. Come find me at the Cinders Gallery table in “the schoolyard” section.

Here are some new zines I made just for the fair.

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Pizza Suicide Goverment Taxes / Student Loans

I have a series of black and white works in this group show in Berlin curated by the Pizza Suicide Club. The theme is German Taxes and Student Loans and I have some abstract stabs at an interpretation of those dubious themes.


It is Up Until September 27th so go there if you are in Berlin!

Here is one of my pieces from the exhibition:

Daily Life, sumi ink on paper, 2013

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Dirty Fingers Berlin

Dirty Fingers opened in Berlin last weekend! It was so so fun to show these prints to a whole new audience out here. We made lots of new friends and met up with some old ones too. Check out the pics of the opening. If you are in Berlin, go see it in person and get inspired by the amazing books that Re:Surgo have as well…the place is a goldmine.


July 12 – August 11 2013

Elisita Punto, Maya Hayuk, Leif Goldberg, Wolfy, Blok, Sto Len, Frederic Fleury, Jungil Hong, Brian Chippendale, Morgan Blair, John Orth, Edie Fake, Mike Taylor, Mark Todd, Matt Furie, James Moore, Kelie Bowman, Allyson Mellberg, Jeremy Taylor, Brian Willmont, Anna Hellsgard, Christian Gfeller, Andrew Guenther, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Karl LaRocca, Sammy Harkham, Tim Harrington, Monica Canilao, Harmony Molina, Kottie Paloma, Johannes Rodenacker, Noel Friebert, Isaac Lin, Hisham Bharoocha, Kevin Hooyman, Jessie Rose Vala, Taylor McKimens, Pete Corrie, Ryan Jacob Smith, Sam McPheeters, Group Partners, Rob Corradetti, Molly Colleen O’Connell, Xander Marro, Jo Dery

at In:Surgo, Torstr 110, Mitte- Berlin

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