PICNIC is a series of conversations forged over sharing a meal with artists in their studios.

Aimee Lusty came by my studio and talked to me about my work while we ate a delicious Roasted Kohlrabi & Potato Soup. It was lovely.



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Newtown Creek (Western Beef), 2016

These are some of the new “natural waste” prints from the New Radicles exhibition currently on view at Brilliant Champions, 5 central Ave in Brooklyn until June 17th.

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New Radicles

I’m showing new works in this 4 person exhibition in Brooklyn…like this one.

New Radicles
May 27 – June 17 2016
Opening Reception Friday May 27th, 6-9pm

Brilliant Champions Gallery is pleased to present New Radicles, a curated exhibition by Cinders Gallery featuring paintings by Kelie Bowman, installations by Serra Victoria
Bothwell Fels, sculpture by Cody Hoyt and mono prints by Sto Len.

A radicle is the first part to emerge from a seed during the process of germination and becomes the primary root of the plant. Darwin believed it acts as the brain of a plant and directs the function of all its other cells. “Anchored in the soil upside-down by their heads, they expose their sexual organs to the air and to prospective pollinators.”

New Radicles is an exhibition of 4 NY-based artists who work from a primary place that is deeply rooted in their practice but is also continuously growing, reaching towards different strains of sunlight and expanding their own depths of pollination.

Brilliant Champions
5 Central Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11206
(646) 543-9591

Gallery Hours
Tuesday — Saturday
11 am — 5 pm
& by appointment

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May 13 – June 12 2016

Opening Reception Friday the 13th 6-9pm

No Foundation
w 1h8, 1082 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1H8, Canada

Suminagashi, or floating ink, is a centuries old paper marbling process that originated in Japan and was often practiced as meditation by Buddhist monks. This exercise captures in visual form a moment in time when nature (in the form of water and air currents) bonds with the human spirit (chi, energy and breath or physical movement).

In Tsunaminagashi, Sto Len creates an updated version of this method that is akin to disrupting the calm water of its origins with the giant waves of a colorful tsunami. Renouncing the fussiness historically associated with the decorative process of paper marbling, Sto Len’s monoprints celebrate chaos and the ability to collaborate with natural forces.

Layers of oil paint, spray paint, and dirt are built up on the water surface for hours and sometimes days, creating a floating painting that is then disturbed with brush work, wind, or oils and eventually captured by dragging paper across the surface. This untraditional process allows for the chance intervention of nature to inform these textured and dimensional works. Dense colors float, bleed, and blend with dirt and oils creating a thick residue that is not unlike a psychedelic oil spill. Patterns often emerge over time from evaporation and the end results celebrate nature, gravity, visceral color, time and gestural mark making.

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Rogue Wave Poster

I released a new poster recently and its available online through Cinders Gallery.
Rogue Waave, 20″ x 30″, 80 lbs archival paper, 40 dollars each.
Get One Here

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Meet me at the LAABF

I will have new handmade, one of a kind books at the LA ART BOOK FAIR! Come find me at the Cinders Gallery booth, G07.

Printed Matter’s LA ART BOOK FAIR 2016
February 12 – February 14, 2016
Preview: Thursday, February 11, 2016, 6–9 pm

at : The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA
152 North Central Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 626-6222

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The End Papers

The End Papers
Monoprints by Sto Len
January 8 – February 7
Opening Reception: Friday, January 8th 7 – 10 pm

Sto’s current mono-prints look like punk rock paper marbling. They’re dense with color – like the book-binders’ papers with which we’re familiar, and they possess a similar complexity of pattern. But Sto’s prints renounce the fussiness and precision historically associated with the decorative process of paper marbling, and celebrate instead its potential for spontaneous action and gestural mark making. Sto pours, squeezes and sprays various paints and oils into buckets or giant kiddie pools filled with water. He uses an elongated brush to disturb and distress the film forming on top of the liquid and then he waits, coming back hours later to see what patterns have literally floated to the surface of his experiments. He then drags or dips a sheet of paper across or into the vessel and captures the pigmented film (as well as any dust, dirt or errant bugs) floating there. The results are evocative residues of private collaborations with natural forces – gravity, buoyancy, tension and chance.

Regarding the monoprints in this exhibition, the artist notes that “although not performed in front of people, the performative aspect of the process is a big part of these works. Each piece is a document of that moment in time, the process of putting the paper in my prepared paint bath and pulling it out to dry feels similar to developing a photo in a chemical bath.”

Wayfarers is proud to present Sto’s exhibition of monoprints: “The End Papers” as our first show of 2016.

1109 Dekalb Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11221
Hours: 1-5pm

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On the Water

Some photos by Tracie Williams of me printing off of the scum of the Newtown Creek, Brooklyn, NY, October 2015. This is a boat trip with the artist, Dylan Gauthier, who held a boat-building workshop the previous day. We took another boat that Dylan had built on this trip and it did not sink!

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Prints Gone Wilddd

I will have many prints at Prints Gone Wild, a super fun print fair organized by Cannonball Press. Its happening at Littlefield, this Friday November 6th 6pm-1am.

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Psyched about Dan Friel’s new record. I did the album artwork and its a great sounding record.
Grab a copy from Thrill Jockey

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Practice Makes Purrfect

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Printed Matter, Inc. presents
September 18–20, 2015
Preview: Thursday, September 17, 6-9pm

I HAVE NEW ONE OF A KIND BOOKS TO SHOW YOU! At the Cinders Gallery table V03. Come find me.

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Pattern :::: Chaos

I co-curated this large group exhibition featuring 40 artists in a pop-up space in the Clinton Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn. Its pretty epic, do pay a visit if you can.

Cinders Gallery Presents


Sept 11 – Oct 2 2015

Opening Reception Friday Sept 11th 7 -10pm

Alexis Anne Mackenzie, Alicia McCarthy, Allyson Mellberg Taylor, Anna Hellsgard, Brian Willmont, Chris Duncan, Christian Gfeller, Cody Hudson, Elisita Punto, Evan Gruzis, Frank Haines, Hilary Pecis, Hisham Bharoocha, Jacob Ciocci, Jacob Magraw, James Case Leal, Jay Davis, Jessie Rose Vala, Joe Roberts, Joseph Hart, Kelie Bowman, Kyle Field, Louis Reith, Matt Rich, Matthew Craven, Maya Hayuk, Mel Kadel, Mitchell Wright, Morgan Blair, Nick Kuszyk, OWVBICS, Paul Wackers, Ryan Wallace, Serena Mitnik Miller, Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels, Sto Len, Suzy Poling, Tahiti Pehrson, Ted Mcgrath, Timothy Bergstrom, Winnie Truong

Pattern :::: Chaos presents 2 new works by 41 different artists exploring themes of repetition and disruption. Cut up, collaged, methodical, symmetrical, natural and random; the order of visual life is organized, destroyed and examined in each of these artists’ works.

“Art is the imposing of a pattern on experience, and our aesthetic enjoyment is recognition of the pattern.”- Alfred North Whitehead

“Civilization is like a thin layer of ice upon a deep ocean of chaos and darkness.”
-Werner Herzog

Cinders //// Projects
66 Washington Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11205
Hours: Thurs – Sun 1-6pm

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Silent Barn Mural

I painted a new mural at the Silent Barn this week! Time lapse video is coming soon but in the meantime, check out these great pics by photographer Jacob Pritchard.

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Last Daze

I have a new piece entitled “As the World Turns, the Carbon Burns” in a group exhibition called LAST DAZE at Space Gallery in Portland, Maine. Its about the effects we humans have had on this planet. It is up until September 4th so go check it out if you are up there!

SPACE Gallery
538 Congress Street
Portland, ME 04101

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New books at BABZ //// Book Fair

I made a batch of new one of a kind books for this great art book fair in Brooklyn this weekend….

BABZ /// Bushwick Art Book and Zine Fair
July 10-12, 2015
Preview and Reception: Friday 7 – 10pm
Hours: Saturday and Sunday 1 – 7pm

260 Johnson Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11206
Montrose L Train

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Newtown Creek Pollution Printing Session

Last week, I got to go out on the water with the artist Marie Lorenz on her wonderful Tide and Current Taxi project. I had known about her work for years so it was a pleasure to finally be able to be a part of it. Her series of boat trips this summer is about “people going to work” and so we thought it would be cool for me to make some of my work on her boat!
We went to the Newtown Creek (which separates Queens from Brooklyn) and I pulled off some of my most recent, Pollution Prints, from the dirty surface of the Creek. Infamously known as one of the most toxic bodies of water in the country and recently deemed a Superfund site, the water here has been of interest to me for quite some time. Recently I have begun printing with it and I am working on a larger project using the waterways of NY as a medium. Check out Marie’s nice post about our trip HERE and stay tuned for more printing adventures!

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6 ….. 26 ……15 /// Picasso Machinery

I’m doing a performance this Friday. Come out to Playyy



*Maggie Dubris (poems)
*Sto Len (sound art)
*Anna Pohl (meta monologue)
*Giulia Rozzi (comedy)
*SUGARLIFE (new standards)
*Troy Swain (occult tarot)

Friday 6/26/15
8:00 p.m.
at Picasso Machinery
45 Broadway/Wythe
Brooklyn, NY

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6 :::13:::15 ;;;;

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Secret Project Robot 10 Year Show

I have a piece in the Secret Project Robot 10 year show and I’ll be performing solo and as DUBKNOWDUB as well on June 13th.
For more info check the Facebook event

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