Until the Black Light Takes Us…

I co-curated this group exhibition at Secret Project Robot. Plus I have some new drawings in the show too!

SATURDAY MAY 21st – June 21st 2011

Casey Loose, Kayrock Screenprinting, Oj San Phelipe, Christine Francis, Karl LaRocca, Mike Pare, Robot Death Cult, Gabe Desert Island, Chris Uphues, Mark Shue, Wolfy aka Jef Scharf, Zach Lehrhoff + Dr. Science Party, Soreen Morey, Sandra Casti, Ambrosia Sullivan, sTo, Jason Kachadorian, Mathew Thurber, Maya Hayuk, Allison Busch, Eli Lehrhoff, Reggie Paen, Rob Corradetti, Raphael Lyon, MV Carbon, Michael Bowman, Martha Moszcezynski, Gregory Mcheghan, Tom Delany, Kory Hellburst, Casey Farnum, Brian Willmont, Eliza Koch, Sean Action, Nick Kuszyk, and Taylor Sloan

Secret Project Robot Art Space | 210 kent ave | brooklyn | NY | 11211

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