Can You See the Rainbow From There?

Written by stoisher

Can You See The Rainbow From There is a wonderful exhibition curated by my friend Tetsunori Tawaraya that will benefit the earthquake/tsunami victims in Japan and be held at Arts Chiyoda in Tokyo next week. It features so many great artists and friends of mine including Brian Chippendale, Jungil Hong, Bongout, Sarah Register, Allison Cole, Andrya Ambro, Chloe Lum, Luke Fishbeck, Mat Brinkman, Mike Watt, Peter Sutherland, and Tessa Pollitt (of the SLITS!). Get all of the info and see the art here. Its pretty amazing to see so many benefits happening in our communities. Please spread the word and if you are in Tokyo you should go!

Here is a pic of my 3 drawings in between Tetsunori (on the right) and his friend.