Rio Medellin, Colombia

Written by stoisher





During a residency at Casa Tres Patios in Medellin, Colombia, I researched and made work inspired by the polluted river that runs through the center of Medellin. Rio Medellin is a 37 mile river that divides the city in half. With a lack of public access, the river became invisible to most people. It became a place to illegally dump waste and an area for homeless encampments. I look forward to coming back and doing an intervention there. On this trip, I documented and explored, culminating in the video below and a performance that took place at Casa Tres Patios in October 2017.

RIO MEDELLIN from sto len on Vimeo.

A love song to the river that runs through the city of Medellin in Colombia. I spent 3 weeks walking along its banks, exploring its streams, its history, its problems, and possibilities. This was part of my research : to feel and see the river, the people who live near it, and the culture of their country. This is only the beginning of a larger intervention. To be continued…
Masacre, a legendary Medellin Metal band, provides the soundtrack.