Times Square Takeover

Written by stoisher

I made a paper mache arcade cabinet for an exhibition of homemade video games by the awesome collective Babycastles that was presented in an installation created by Thu Tran, artist and creator of the fun and tripped out IFC show Food Party.
The space will feature a rotating cast of artists, independent video games, developers, musicians, lectures, workshops, and much more through the rest of the year. Every two weeks the space will transform concurrent with the release of a new issue of Showpaper,(a one page newspaper that lists all-ages show in the NYC area) creating a link between the mobile artistic outlet of the newspaper and the physical meeting point of this gallery space and arcade. Dubknowdub will be making an appearance in the near future, stay tuned….

217 East 42nd St, Manhattan, NY
OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, October 8th // 7p-11p
MUSIC BY: DAS RACIST DJs & Juan from THE BEETS solo & DJ International Tapes
Arcade Cabinets by: Andrew Ross & Tommy Coleman, Chris Mackris, Thu Tran, Sto (of Cinders Gallery), Rob Seward, Jess Osserman & Sarah Schoemann, and Practical Wisdom
GAMES: NIDDHOG (by Messhof), CANABALT (by Adam Atomic), BIT.TRIP RUNNER by (Gaijin Games), DECEPTIVE PLATFORMER (by Nocturnal Minds), KILLJET (by Tristan Perich), ULTRA QUEST (by Marc Arenas)

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