Year of the Water Snake Prints

Written by stoisher

Here is a new print from a series of one-off water prints I did for an upcoming show at FLA Gallery.
Sumi Ink and water on paper, 2013

here is the info for the show!

Dirty Fingers
Curated by Cinders Projects

February 23rd – March 24th, 2013
Opening Reception Saturday, February 23, 7-10pm

Swoon, Elisita Punto, Maya Hayuk, Xander Marro, Micah Daw, Anders Nilsen, Neil
Burke, Sto Len, Frederic Fleury, Leif Goldberg, Rob Doran, Jungil Hong, Brian
Chippendale, Conrad Carlson, Megan Whitmarsh, Morgan Blair, Dessarae Bassil, John
Orth, Dave Kinsey, Edie Fake, Langdon Graves, Chris Duncan, Jim Houser, Mike
Taylor, Mark Todd, Esther Pearl Watson, Mark Warren Jacques, Matt Furie, James
Moore, Michael Velliquette, Jesse Ledoux, Stephanie Hutin, Aidan Koch, Florencio
Zavala, Alexis Anne Mackenzie, Allyson Mellberg, Jeremy Taylor, Brian Willmont,
Jessie Rose Vala.

Dirty Fingers focuses on a group of artists that are continuing to use various forms of
printmaking as a viable contemporary medium. Silkscreening, etching, stenciling, and
woodblock printing are some of the methods used in this large group exhibition featuring
a wide range of imagery and content. The immediacy and accessibility of printmaking
creates a medium that can be mass-produced in editions and sold affordably. The process
of hand-printing also adds the distinction of the human hand at work, revealing its slight
imperfections and labor to be quite refreshing to see.
Join us for a showcase of our favorite print makers from around the world.

F.L.A. Gallery
10 N Main St
Gainesville, FL 32601
thurs-sat 5-10pm, sunday noon-5pm