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Well, it was time for a new website! Bear with me as I continually make this more awesome and figure out the bugs but yeah! here it is. here i am. oh boy.

ARCHIVES from my old blog:

June 8th 2010

Sent out big drawings to Supercore, 4-6-5,Shibuyahigashi,TOKYO for a show with Kelie Bowman and Jessie Rose Vala

June 5th 2010

Taking place at RAMIKEN CRUCIBLE, Clinton and East Broadway, Chinatown

May 28th 2010

March 19th -April 17th 2010


The Temple of Booom is a collaborative installation by the artist-run alternative space Cinders Gallery from Brooklyn, NY. Artists Kelie Bowman, Kyle Ranson and STO will create a site-specific installation that combines paintings, prints, drawings, murals and sculpture. Exploring places of worship, rituals, shrines, music, and congregation, Cinders will build their own place of spiritual assembly based not on any one religious faith but on the faith of our loose-knit community of artists, performers, experimenters, and musicians.

Happening concurrently with the Austin music festival SXSW, Temple of Booom will feature a specially curated series of performances inside the installation that will act as a welcome alternative to the usual bar and club venues during the fest and will connect the often disparate crowds of music and art under one beautiful makeshift roof. The renowned Austin gallery Okay Mountain will host the exhibition and Tom Tom Magazine will curate special drum

Featuring artwork by Molly Colleen O Connell, Edie Fake, Noel Friebert, Maya Hayuk, Isaac Lin, Sam, Mcpheeters, Allyson Mellberg, Shawn Reed, Jeremy Taylor, Jessie Rose Vala, Erin Womack, and Andrew Jeffrey Wright.

With performances on Saturday March 20th + Sunday 21st by:
Beach Fossils, Grass Widow, The Beets, Gun Outfit, Awesome Color, White Mice, Screens, Lozen, These Are Powers, Sparky Dog, Wet Dog, Water Fei, Hard Nips, Katie Stelmanis, Valerie George’s Car Kit, Wet Hair, Aa, Dubbknowdubb, Dominique Leone, Chica Vas, and Pyramid Scheme

AT OKAY MOUNTAIN, 1312 East Cesar Chavez Ste B, Austin, TX 78703

February 8th 2010


Still from a new upcoming super 8 film! Trailer forthcoming….

January 8th 2010


Jan 8th – Feb 7th 2010

Opening Reception Friday Jan 8th 7pm 2010

Diane Barcelowsky, Hisham Bharoocha, Robin Cameron, Raul Denieves, Andrew Guenther,
Maya Hayuk, Eli Lehrhoff,Dennis McNett, Cameron Michel, Leif Parsons, Carly Rabalais,
Johnathan Rosen, Leif Ritchey, Ryan Wallace, and Eric White

CINDERS GALLERY, 103 Havemeyer St, Bkyln, NY 11211

The first of a series of shows I’m curating about NYC artists. I’m super excited about it, come by and check it out!!

December 17th 2009

DUBKNOWDUB recorded in the Ocropolis studio with Kid Millions for a new didgital singles project they are working on!

Soon to be released in the New Year!
Check it out:
BRAH Records

December 5th 2009

DUBBKNOWDUBB plays this great after party for Brooklyn Comics and
Graphics Festival

December 5th 2009

I have a handful of post it drawings in this show at GIANT ROBOT in LA!!

December 2nd 2009

Le Dernier Cri Presents: Les Religions Sauvages

2 hours of animations by over 40 artists! Projected on 4 screens!
First screening in the US!

With a Live Improv soundtrack by Pakito Bolino, STO, Nick Lesley, and other special guests

Les Religions Sauvages tube-feeds its audience a horrific diet of sin prescription, visual torture, twisted pitch black humor, and perversion for the uninitiated eyes.
A Hypno-Epileptic Animated Ritual.

30 Kamikazes from the International underground including Mathias Lehman, Tochka, Mike Diana, FTZ, Leyla Marjeri, Los Lichis, Scott Batty, Caroline Sury, Fredox, Marcel Ruijters, Marc Druez, Dr Good+carmen Gomez, Reijo Karkainnen, Laetitia Brochier, Pakito Bolino, Judex, Ichiba Daisuke, Stu Mead, Marco Corona, Raymond Reynaud, Moolinex, MS Bastian, Matti Hagelberg, Katja Tukiainen, Jonathan Rosen, Elina Merenmies, Nicoz, Nuvish, Melted Men, Truck Van Rental, and Dr. Kob.

@ MONKEYTOWN 58 N 3rd St (btw. Kent & Wythe)

December 1st 2009 – Jan 31st 2010

THIS BLACK HOLE IS SUCKING at HANNA Gallery, Laforet Harajuku, 1st floor in Tokyooo!

This new installation by STO for Hanna Gallery is based on the “cranearm” arcade games where the player uses a joystick to try to pick up a prize with a metal arm and hand.
As a bored youth, I always hung out at the arcade in my local shopping center and so in the context of the hip shopping mall Laforet, an arcade was sorely missing.
Made entirely out of recycled materials including trash, newspaper, and cardboard, the installation is kind of like a dadaist take on a purposeless machine with absurd objects as prizes.
Sushi, a large pink head, boxing gloves, vegetables, insects, swords and knives are some of the prizes inside of the window box.
On the side wall is a large scale painting of a floating alien eye that references old arcade game machine graphics(I always liked the 80s game KRULL) with these tentacles
that are named after many of my favorite places and people that I encountered during my recent trip to Japan.
Go see it if you are there!!

November 22nd 12-6pm

CASE: at the New Museum

The event at the New Museum is the premiere of Case, which will also be performed at a small outdoor
community theater in rural Missouri in summer 2010. The New York production of Case will feature
many of the ten cast members from the upcoming Midwest event, such as political activist
(and notorious local hell-raiser) Ray “Bad Rad” Radtke, who stars as the main character
Henry Dorsett Case, a drug addict and computer hacker hired to execute an impossible cyber crime.
Case will also feature Brooklyn-based performance artist Sto as Lupus Yonderboy, leader of the
techno-anarchist gang the Panther Moderns,
and the actress Sasha Grey as the street samurai Molly.
The script has been prepared by the writer Brandon Stosuy, with sound design by Peter Segerstrom,
and graphic props by Breanne Trammell.

Read an interview about CASE here


More pics here:

November 7th – January 16th 2010


Blok, Diane Barcelowsky, Alex Barry, Kelie Bowman,
Molly Colleen O’Connell,
Kiersten Essenpreis,
Maya Hayuk,
Kevin Hooyman,
Jungil Hong,
Julien Langendorff,
Allyson Mellberg,
Kyle Ranson,
Tod Seelie,
Erika Somogyi,
Jeremy Taylor,
Jessie Rose Vala

Opening Reception Saturday Nov. 7th 6-9pm

I curated this group show in Tokyo!
I’ll be there from Nov 1st to the 12th installing, come see it if you are there. Can’t wait! I’ll post lotsa pics.

October 29th – November 3rd 2009

I will have new drawings with Waiting Room Gallery in this art fair in TOKYO!

October 14th

I was commissioned to do this paper mache alarm clock for Fred Flare in Brooklyn!

October 8th 2009

Did a fun mural with BLOK and Kelie Bowman in the wee hours of the morning at MONKEYTOWN in Williamsburg! Go see it, will be up for a long time I think. Fun delirious paint party!

Oct 2nd – 4th 2009


What a great time at the book fair this year. Cinders had a booth the whole time and we curated a music event where DKD played along with
Hot Box!! Homie Museum Takeover!
Can’t wait till next year….

A rad show at CINDERS tonite!!

September 11th – October 11th 2009

Circle of Plenty
Diane Barcelowsky, Blokis, Kelie Bowman, Monica Canilao, Cristian Elizalde, Maya Hayuk,
Allyson Mellberg, Alex Lukas, Kyle Ranson, Suzanne Sattler, Sto, and Jeremy Taylor

Opening Reception Friday Sept. 11th 7-10pm


Pics of my Infected Plant Series, paper mache sculptures, 2009

Pics from PLEASE BE WELCOME, Fridge, paper mache, 2009

Opening Saturday August 15th 7-10pm

Please Be Welcome

Curated by Damian Weinkrantz

through September 12, 2009

Featuring a new sculpture of mine (a paper mache refridgerator!) plus Crystal Stukowski, David Dunn,

Annette Monnier, Adam Wallacavage,Eric Mcdade, Ted Passon,Will Buzzell, Thom Lessner, Ben Woodward, and more!!!

At: Fuse Gallery, 93 2nd Ave (between 5th & 6th Sts, 2nd Ave stop on the F), NYC, NY.

Saturday July 18th 6-10pm

I have a dime bag piece in this show! go see them, its a fun one.

Wednesday July 15th 9pm

Secret Project Robot Presents: A Special Wednesday Noise Salon!

“DKD and NID: Journey to the Center of Uranus:”

Finally The Double Debut of DUBKNOWDUB – Live in a Cave!


Now I Destroy! – Live in the Trees!

On the wheels of stone,

DJ Doctor No kNow-NOthin
DJ Baron Doctor Von Sechont-Braen

Inside Forever Neverland!
at secret project roobot in the forest of monsterrr island

210 Kent + MetropolitaN ave brooklyn

See Pics from the show here!

July 12th – 27th 2009


Opening reception Sunday July 12th!

I will have a large paper mache cave installation at this! Featuring Lauren Luloff, Chris Uphues, Raul De Nieves,
Erik Z., Rachel Nelson, Matt Mikas, Vashti Windish, Eli Lehroff and more!

See Pics here!

at Secret Project Robot, corner of Metropolitan ave and Kent ave, Williamsburg Brooklyn!!

June 28th 2009

A one day only silent auction at CINDERS! I will have lots of stuff at this, plus a ton of great art by
so many rad people so you don’t wanna miss this!

May 19th 2009

I had an amazing time in Toronto! Katharine Mulherin Gallery totally rules and everyone I met was so rad.

Check out pics of the show here on the old Facebook!
More pictures coming soooooon….

May 13th 2009

Joy of Life

Opening May 13th 6-9pm

Runs till May 30th 2009

April 25th 2009

Pterodactyl Record Release Party is tonite and features a new retarded animation by ME! Plus lots of other rad folks making videos for your eyeballs, and
Pterodactyl and Oneida rocking your eardrums to a bleeding pulpy mess of good springtimeness. Or something.
Will post the video as soon as i get it on you tuber.

April 2nd 2009

OVERTAKE was amazing! Hundreds of people came, the art looked great and the show went without a hitch…until around 12:30pm.
I had actually just left, completely exhausted and delirious from not sleeping and breathing in that abandoned building air for days on end.
Sorry to the kids who got tickets but I think people got a little too comfortbale in there and forgot that it was in fact totaly illegal.
What a great nite though! Check out pics that Tod Seelie took here.
Also we are working on a book about it so look out for that soon!

March 30th 2009 8pm


Takashi Horisaki, Sto, Ben Wolf, Jon Bocksel, Sarah Walko, Idle Hands Crew, Richie Israel, Kevn Caplicki, Vinny, Lopi LaRoe

10 artists are commandeering a 3-story abandoned building in Bushwick. The building is beyond repair and has been vacant for years; thus allowing for total freedom. We are utilizing its condemned state to make installation pieces, cutting into the walls, removing parts of the floor, adding elements, using paint, thread, words, phrases, and rearranging available materials while being sensitive to the inherent beauty of the natural decay. Join us for one special night of art, exploration, music and the overtake.

Sound + Performance by

Adina Bier,

88 Morgan st.
btwn Harrison + Ingraham
Morgan L stop

Come on time because we don’t know how long it will last!

March 4th 2009
ETSY asked me to curate from their insane handmade mecca of a website. I arduously
searched for hours upon hours and here’s what goodies I found. Check it out here

February 19th 2009

Here is a sculpture i did for a show
that opened at one of my favorite spaces in Brooklyn Secret Project Robot
last Friday. It was put together by the band These Are Powers!

All A Board Future Freaks, 2009

February 10th 2009

I got a New zine called HUNGRY that I just finished this week!! Email me if you want a copy. Its all new drawings i’ve been doing.
Fun and funny too.

February 6th – 28th 2009
Here is a piece I did for a show called “Midnight Snacks” that is up this month at Ghost Print Gallery
in Richmond, VA. Go check it out if yr in town! Lots of good peeps in it.

Putz Potatoe Chips, 2009

February 1st 2009

A new website for a new year. Finally my very own place on the interweb! Just updated the drawings page with a bunch of new stuff i did in my bedroom.

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